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Guild Rules and Policy
Guild Rules and Policy
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Welcome to Destructive Empire

No matter what rank you hold under the Destructive Empire tag, while you hold our tag we expect you to abide by our rules and policy.

Guild Types:

There are usually 3 types of guilds to join on a server. Casual, Family and Raiding. What's the difference?

Casual Guild - Limited restrictions on members. You play to have fun. You're not required to participate in guild functions, though it will always be encouraged. You're not expected to raid.

Family Guild - Usually language restrictions because there tend to be more children in these guilds. You are expected to behave more in guild chat. The rest is similar to a Casual Guild.

Raiding Guild - These are guilds who's goal is to progress through content. While they may accept some casual members, their hopes are likely to turn those casuals into raiders. Typically you have to have a high online presence and you have to be able to hold your own, know your class, etc.

Destructive Empire operates as a Casual Guild. This will not change. There are several members that raid outside of the guild because we do not offer current content raiding options. Though we are attempting to hold lower level raids, we will never be a raiding guild. Raiding is never mandatory. We are comprised of mostly adults and while we do have members whos family have joined, we will also not regulate language... in most cases.

Destructive Empire Leadership

Co-Leaders: Dokhopper & Raiena
Senior Officers: Meleeic & Vulvana
Officers: Amaryah, Benhob & Iceking

Guild Owner: Immuden (Mostly Inactive at this time)

Your leadership is here to watch over things, handle issues, lead guild functions, help out when able. The leadership is not here to make sure you have a group.

If there is something you need help with, please just ask. We do our best to help our members.

Guild Rules

We don't want to implement a bunch of rules to follow cause after all, this is game and we should all be here to have fun.

We are growing considerably and with that comes many personalities. We do not expect everyone to get along. We encourage a "Play Nice" Policy. However, any problems that you have with a guild member, we ask that:
1. You do not engage in arguments in guild chat. Take it to /tells. This also goes to General Chat.
2. If it's a minor issue, we hope you can resolve it on your own...
3. If an issue cannot be resolved or if it's a more serious issue take screenshots and contact an officer.

The leadership are also players. We value our time and want log in and play just like everyone else. We shouldn't have to log in and referee arguments among our members. Most of us are adults. Let's please act like it.

Grounds for Removal

Thankfully, we have not had a huge issue with this. We mostly operate on a 3 strike and your out system; just like baseball. We trust our officers to use their best judgement and we do discuss all issues that are brought to our attention.

There are 3 infractions that are grounds for immediate removal.
1. Derogatory comments made toward any player about their real life race. This is also to include overall general comments about specific races in a hateful manner as well as racial slurs.
2. Intentional training of other players on the server. We are a small community in a dying game. If you are here just to be malicious, we don't want you in our guild.
3. Guild Bank/Crate Theft. We are a very generous guild and try to make items available to our members. Don't abuse this privilege.

As always, if you have any questions, please feel free to contact any of your officers.

The Destructive Empire Leadership

Co-Leader of Destructive Empire

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