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Ama's Chanter run down
Ama's Chanter run down
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32 days ago Edited 32 days ago #1

This is how I chanter. That's not to say it's right. But it's what works for me.

Regular spell set (used when i can mez)

1. polyfluorescent assault
2. mindslash
3. mind tempest
4. deluding constriction
5. constraining helix
6. tash
7. perplexing glance (fast, super effective ae mez)
8. perplexing wave (longer ae mez, less effective)
9. delude
10. pacify (moll. mind)
11. group rune
12. strangulate
13. dissident reinforcement

Regular pull hotkey (used with regular spell set)

/pause 10, /cast 6 (or tash #)
/pause 30, /pet attack
/pause 40, /cast 5 (or slow #)
/pause 40, /cast 4 (dot 1)
/pause 40, /cast 3 (dot 2)

I individually cast a 3rd dot (the one in my 12th spot, this could probably easily move up with other dots but I like it there so I know which one didn't cast on macro.

For places I can't mez or need heavier dps and no cc:

1 polyfl. assault
2. mindslash
3. chromareave
(all nukes)
4. chromatic covenant
5 Mind tempest
6. deluding constriction
7. strangulate
8. constricting helix (slow)
9. tash
10. group rune
11. legion of skrizix (spell guard)
12-13 are auras (rune and twincast if its a tough mission, transfixer's and learners if its not)

DPS Pull hotkey (used with the set immediately above)

/pause 30, /cast 9
/pause 40, /cast 8
/pause 40, /cast 7
/pause 40, /cast 6
/pause 40, /cast 5

Don't forget to send pet in. I have my pet attack set to my 3 hotkey so I can just press that when I get the chance


If a big group needs to be controlled fast, use glance, then step in close and use bite of tashani aa (this is my 1 hotkey), and then step back and use wave. then go down the list if you have time and hit delude on each (if you're boxing, this is less realistic. know that ae mez doesn't last as long as delude. Wave is super effective, super fast cast, but is very short (15s?) so it only buys you enough time to ae tash and then step back to ae mez with wave.
Be sure you are far enough back when you mez with ae's. they WILL mez you and your mez will outlast the mobs. Basically you will watch your group die before they kill you :S

Burn Hotkeys

Chromatic haze

/alt act 2205
/g chromatic haze inc, 12s dd boost


/g Improved Twincast and Illusion of Granduer inc, 2 min dd/dot boost
/pause 5, /alt act 515
/pause 10, /alt act 1381
/pause 20, /alt act 500
/pause 20, /alt act 2202

This sets off twincast, second spire (extra mana and hp), silent casting (you will get agro if you forget this) and IOG. Basically 2 minutes to melt mobs faces off :'D

Hotkey bar

1. Bite of Tashani
2. Eradicate Magic
3. Pet Attack
4 GP Invis
5. Gate
6. Beguilers banishment (boot root ae. sometimes I use directed here depending on whether I'm trying to pick one off or keep the whole group away)
7. Self Stasis
8/9 passive/reactive merc
0. Pull seq/dps pull depending on which set is up. don't forget to change these out when you switch spell sets
- friendly stasis
= fortify companion (if pet needs to tank nameds or large pulls)

Orators unity is cool if you're running through bad spots. mezzes things that hit you for about 10 min.
Summon companion will pull your pet to you from far away and drop agro as long as you're out of radius
forceful rejuvenation is helpful for mezzing. resets your recast timers fast (only can use like.. once every 15 min or so. use it wisely)

Nocumbulate is a 3ish min mez for single target. I don't use unless we have one mob and a merc wipe and no dots on mob. personally don't like it. some live for it lol
beam of slumber is a mez tunnel that goes out in front of you essentially. I hate it. Fald loves it. I die every damn time. Above mez rotation is how I cc.

You'll also need blanket of forgetfulness aa on your bar. thats your mem blur. I used to keep it where I have dissi now (dissi is another 12 crit. basically), now I just use aa to open up a spot on my spell bar.

I don't charm. some people think that's wrong. You'll have to decide for yourself

Rune aa's: Eldritch rune, glyph spray, reactive rune. Rune of banishment runes and boots mobs backwards. again, use with caution

Summoned pet aas: Phantasmal opponent (mirror of target, pulls agro, short lifespan), Doppelganger (summons a bunch of you's. They cast your dots/dds until they die)

calculated insanity is another burn. it eats double mana though so dont use if you're cutting close on mana bar.

ETA.. Forgot my covenant hotkey

Chromatic covenant lasts 18s. you have to land 6 chanter nukes, and you get something like 1million dps bonus.
Line 1: /(channel of choice, raid or group) covenant inc, 18s dd boost, chanters, use it well
line 2: /cast 4 (this is in my dps lineup. adjust number to wherever you put it)

28 days ago #2

Hi Amaryah,

I learned a ton of new tips from your post! And you've got a great set up that works for you!

I'll also share some tid bits I've learned over the years, which I think compliment what you have above, and takes a slightly different approach on certain aspects.

Your line ups are spot on and almost exactly what I use as well except for the following:
1. Self rune Transfixer's Unity. Always loaded so I can give clerics best chance to save me if mobs get a taste for Izzy meat
2. I do not bother with the group runes unless tank is having trouble staying up, or its necessary for raid success. I keep a mana repetition loaded and keep a hotkey to cast it on myself.
3. I hate my pet, so I rarely use it. It screws up more than it has saved me. Personal pref.

The only other thing I wanted to share is hotkey bar logic:
Set 1 - immediate and frequent use in the group and raid
1 is the Mezz button (announce and cast mezz)
2 is the AE mezz button (cast AE mezz whichever slot its in)
3 is always Arcane Whisper (get this mob off me!)
4 is my nuke set button
5 is to cast 5
6 is to cast 6 (always transfixers unity)
7 Beguilers direct banishment
8 Noctambulate (insta-mezz)
9 Slowing Helix (since refresh on spell slow is slow)
10 Mana repetition self-cast
11 Mental contortion (Mob debuff and DoT)
12 AA self Runes and Orators Unity <-- These AAs can be like regular buffs not just occasional use

Set 2 - The "oh shoot!" bar SHIFT 2 and then 1,2,3
1. Phantasmal opponent
2. Dimensional instability
3. Doppleganger
4. Self Stasis (if above 3 options don't clear me)
5. Soothing Words (helps someone else drop hatred)
6. Armor of Experience (so far down because of the reuse time)
7. Bite of Tashani (AE tash AA)
8. Enveloping Helix (AE slow AA)
9. Fog of Memories
10.Eldrich Rune
11. Beam of Slumber
12. Eradicate Magic (dispel)

Set 3 and below are gates, occasional AA buffs, BURN and RUNE SETS (as you presented above)

I actually never knew you could put a pause on the SAME LINE as a cast! That's going to change my life!

Visionary Izaeldore Most of the Time Lords

"My command is your wish..."

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